Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation


At London Sports Therapy we are committed to giving you a pain free body. Based in Central and West London, we can help you whether you need peak performance or simply to enjoy an active lifestyle.

London Sports Therapy – Moving Free Again

Sports Injury and Massage Clinic

You may be an elite athlete, a gym goer, a tennis enthusiast, a dog walker, a post-natal mother, or simply suffering from aches and pains – whatever your age – London Sports Therapy can help.

We assess, diagnose and treat by reviewing your everyday activities, your gait and any other functional factors that might be causing your pain.

Offering Sports Therapy, massage therapy and a host of different treatments, our aim is to get you moving pain-free.

Using a holistic approach in our assessments and treatments, we aim to help you to understand why your body is hurting as well as helping you to move more freely.

So we don’t only treat your symptom – we identify the cause of the problem.

The treatment that London Sports Therapy provides is 100% tailored to you: your lifestyle, your aims and your needs.


We help identify the parts of the body that you may be overloading which result in pain. We give a functional assessment of each client (looking at gait, posture and day to day activities) and provide practical rehabilitation exercises to heal and prevent more injury.

We use a variety of techniques and treatments to get you moving freely again including:

Manual therapy

Techniques that involves using our hands to return mobility to the joint, muscle or nerve:

  • Soft tissue release
  • Myofascial release
  • Dry needling


  • Real Time Ultrasound
  • Pilates
  • Gait analyses – are your walking and running styles affecting you hips, legs or lower back?——
  • Personalised exercises and gym programmes

What to wear

As it is usually essential for a therapist to see the body in order to provide a comprehensive assessment, it is recommended that you wear shorts unless you are comfortable in your underwear.

What to bring

Any X-rays or MRIs or test results in connection with for your injury should be brought with you. You should also bring your trainers if appropriate and also a pair of your favourite shoes that are worn in so that your gait patterns can be analysed.