The massage offered at the Berkeley clinic is not the push oil around the body while listening to water fountains and rainforest birds tweet in the background. It is also not the type of massage that will leave you bruised or screaming for mercy. Our therapists are normal, skilled practitioners who all have a background in elite sport and understand what a good massage is.

Chris Sears (ex military paratrooper) has been a massage therapist for 5 years has put together a crack team of massage therapists. Chris has a history in elite sport bing in the GB squad for kayaking leading up to London 2012.

Steven Taylor, qualified nearly 10 years ago. He is a keen sportsman himself has worked with multiple professional sports teams, men and women.

Iskander Galbraith, has a keen interest in natural methods of healing, Iskander takes an holistic approach to his massage therapy. Specialising in Raynor massage, Iskander provides a “no-nonsense” deep tissue massage which works with precision and to the appropriate depth to achieve excellent results.

All our therapists will tailor your massage to your needs and go as deep or careful as you want.

Price: £70 for 45 minutes.

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Steven Taylor
Massage Therapist

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0207 724 4004

Chris Sears
Massage Therapist

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0207 724 4004

Iskander Galbraith
Massage Therapist

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