Katie Chimes

Chiropractic Doctor

Katie Chimes is an engaging and inspiring fitness and health professional who is passionate about lifestyle and her career as a chiropractor.

Taking life at 100 miles per hour, with every glass half full, Katie’s positive and happy outlook and her desire to achieve ever more health and fitness goals mean that as soon as you meet Katie you can’t help but want to know more…

Katie combined her love for fitness and well-being with her natural competitive edge from a young age, taking part in in swimming and athletics competitions from the age of 7, eventually progressing to take part in triathlons. She competed at national level in all three sports. At the age of 19, Katie discovered the wonder of weight training and body building, which has since become her enduring primary passion. Katie competed in her first bodybuilding competition in 2001.

Katie loves being within the health and fitness industry connecting and making lasting friendships with like-minded people who share the same passion and motivation for training and health. This is a key driving factor for Katie especially when it has come to pushing herself with her fitness goals.

Such a commitment aligns well with Katie’s current career as a chiropractor and her previous occupations as a fitness instructor, personal trainer and a sports therapist. Having been inspired by Anthony Robbins seminars, traveling around the world, spending a year in the USA, living and working in Finland for two years as well as working in and around London; Katie’s aim is to continue to be an inspiration to others and to combine her fitness and chiropractic knowledge to encourage people to live happily and healthily and to welcome fitness into their lives. Over the last 14 years, Katie has worked with many different people, treating their pain and helping them to achieve their ongoing health and fitness goals. Her highlights have included treating a nine year old, a 5 week old baby who would have needed an operation on his neck but didn’t after chiropractic care and generally all of those who feel better within themselves after treatment.

Katie loves being around outgoing, driven and like-mined people who inspire her, motivate her, and who are crazy and fun! She always has an interest in seeking new ways to better herself in a healthy way and is always open to new training methods, personal development and eating plans however she does have a natural love for chocolate and has occasional dreams of her favourite restaurant, “The Cheesecake Factory”.

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