Jonathan Le Bon

Osteopathy Practitioner

Jonathan Le Bon works with patients of all ages, from new-born babies to the elderly as well as pregnant and post partum women, treating a very wide range of complaints.
He lives on the South Coast with his family and has run a successful West End
practice in London and Southampton for 10 years. His clients include world -class yachtsmen, athletes and world-champion powerboat racers and other international
sport persons.

This is what people say:

“Thank you so much for being a life saver last Sunday” Carol from Warnford

“Jonathan,you have really been such a pillar and strength both with my back and neck aid with your support thoughout my pregnancy. I can’t tell you how great I feel now-thanks to you as a fit and healthy new”Yummy mummy”-Thank you.”Harriet Turnbull

What Does Jonathan treat?

Patients often report immediate and significant pain relief following cranial osteopathic techniques, spinal or joint manipulation. As well as relieving mechanical irritation at the joint these techniques have been shown to cause stimulation of sensory nerve endings in the spinal joint capsule, ligaments and surrounding musculature causing a barrage of sensory input to the spinal cord resulting in reflex inhibition of pain transmission. Jonathan can relieve pain and discomfort resulting from: sciatica, whiplash injuries, acute low back pain, chronic low back ache, tension headaches, frozen shoulders, neck pain, joint problems, shoulder pain, disc injuries, migraines, osteoarthritis, spinal curvature, lumbago, stress, …and also more obscure problems that one may not associate with osteopathic treatment such as depression,post-traumatic stress disorder,M.E-Chronic fatigue syndrome ,endocrine dysfunction…

What happens on your first visit with Jonathan?

This is similar to any visit to a Registered Medical Practitioner. The Osteopath will want to know how the symptoms began and physical and other factors which affect them. After a medical history is taken a thorough examination is undertaken which may include orthopaedic, neurological or circulatory examination. X-rays, MRI scans, blood tests, urinalysis or other tests may be requested. A thorough investigation and assessment of the patients posture and structural state will lead to diagnosis. Treatment patterns will be explained to you and some idea of the time scale for your recovery, where appropriate. Examination and treatment is seldom painful despite the acute nature of many problems. There should be time at the end of the first visit for Dr Le Bon to discuss the diagnosis with you and give any advice on exercises, rest, diet or any special aids, (e.g. lumbar, knee or elbow supports, strapping, etc.) that may be required.

Kinesio Taping: The tape is used in therapy in an attempt to relax overused muscles and in rehabilitation to try and facilitate underused muscles. The elastic woven material is stretched and placed on the skin over injured muscles and joints. The tape improves circulation and helps remove painful fluid build up. The tape recoils and creates convolutions along the skin, which relieve the pressure. It stays in place for three to five days before reapplying

Jonathan is available Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in London and Tuesdays and Fridays in his Southampton Clinic.

Jonathan Le Bon is a member of the British osteopathic association.


30 minutes – £85

1 hour – £150

Jonathan Le Bon has graduated from the European school of Osteopathy in 1995. He has taught a course in Gynaecology and Obstetrics in Osteopathy with Renzo Molinari, principal of the European school of Osteopathy, where he lectures regularly as well as other parts of Europe.

In 2002, he completed successfully a course in Myofascial Acupuncture and in 2005 qualified in Immune Compromisation and Endocrine Disruption. He is a member of the GOSC ( General Osteopathic Council), a full member of the Society of Homotoxicology and a supporter of the Backcare charity.

He is recognised by all the main insurance companies (including BUPA, PPP,Standard Life, Royal Sun Alliance, Guardian Health and many others )
He has appeared in many publications such as Zest,Marie-Claire and the family A-Z medical guide.

Reception Hours

Monday to Thursday 8.00am - 7.00pm
Friday 8.00am - 5.00pm

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