Emma Field

Homeopathic Practitioner

Emma trained as a professional dancer and went on to have a successful career performing in the West End and abroad. In that time she encountered injuries in herself and others and made the decision to train as a massage therapist.

It soon became apparent that these skills were not enough for the types of conditions she was seeing on a regular basis. So she went on to specialise in sports injury work and the functioning of the human body through the study of anatomy and homeopathy.

Her unique form of treatment integrates the whole body, so that she treats holistically. She incorporates expertise in deep tissue work & sports massage, postural work, ergonomics and biomechanics, nutrition and homeopathic medicine in order to ensure her patients get immediate and long term relief from their injuries/conditions.

This is lasting as they learn the tools needed to rehabilitate and live life to the full. Having suffered a back injury herself and having gone through the rehabilitation process she is not a stranger to the pain and debility that lumbar spine conditions can cause; but is therefore well equipped to advise from first-hand experience.

She is a qualified Homeopath BSC Hons and Practitioner of Classical Homeopathy registered with the Society of Homeopaths.  She did a 3 year degree in Homeopathy at Thames Valley University, followed by a further 2.5 years postgrad with the Dynamis School under Jeremy Sherr.  She has studied under many great homeopaths including Jeremy Sherr, George Vithoulkas and Rajan Sankaran. Most recently studying with the Banerji’s from India regarding their cancer protocols.

Emma has also studied Nutrition and is a Kinesiologist who tests for food intolerances and advises on the best way to get the body back to homeostasis (balance) by reducing inflammations caused to the gut and therefore the whole system when we eat foods that we are not tolerant to.  This limits digestion and absorption of the nutrients we need from all the foods we eat and can tolerate and prevents elimination of toxins also which can contribute to longer term pathologies.

She visits companies and does postural training seminars and onsite assessments to improve the health of the staff thus improving their productivity. Through her knowledge of ergonomics, alexander technique and the biomechanics of the body she can help anyone to sit and work more functionally, to prevent tensions, strain and problems.

She has been working in this field for 17 years for more information get in touch!

Initial Body Work

Follow up

Homeopathy – Initial
1.5 hours £150 (inc remedy)

Kinesiology (food tolerance testing)
1 hour – £130

Follow up – £100

Emma is a registered Homeopath and fully qualified in Advanced Sports Injury Massage; Swedish Massage; Indian Head Massage; Reiki.

She has training and experience in CranioSacral Therapy; Ergonomics; Alexander Technique & Postural Training and Kinesiology.

Reception Hours

Monday to Thursday 8.00am - 7.00pm
Friday 8.00am - 5.00pm

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