Doris Block

Practitioner of Shiatsu

Doris is a fully qualified practitioner in Shiatsu and holds a Diploma in Nutrition and Diet Theory. She completed an extensive 3 year training at the British School of Shiatsu-Do in London, before undertaking further studies in Moxibustion Therapy, Cupping and Barefoot Shiatsu. In 2006 she completed a one year Post Graduate Diploma course with the Shiatsu College.

She treats clients of all ages and diversities, as well as pregnant women with a spectrum of complaints of physical, emotional and psychological nature.

The most common presented conditions are stress, back pain, digestive problems, depressions, insomnia, fatigue and anxiety. In her practise she has successfully treated many women in boosting their fertility and providing support through pregnancy and childbirth.

With an initial background in paediatric intensive care nursing, she is able to combine her orthodox medicine knowledge with her passion for Shiatsu and holistic approach to health. Doris is a registered member of the Shiatsu Society.

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a Japanese hands-on treatment which is both stimulating and relaxing.

What will happen during my treatment? You are fully dressed throughout. Pressure is applied to various points of the body using thumbs, fingers and palms. Shiatsu is not merely a set form of massage but uses diagnostic techniques so that each treatment is tailored to the needs of the individual.

Can Shiatsu help me?

Shiatsu can help a wide range of conditions such as back pain, joint pain, headaches, stress and menstrual problems. The pressure, combined with gentle manipulation, alleviates tension, enhances the body’s natural healing ability, eliminates fatigue and promotes general good health.

Shiatsu gives your body and mind time to relieve some of the physical, emotional and mental discomfort life throws at as.

In my Shiatsu practice, I see clients of all ages and with all sorts of problems and conditions. Shiatsu is a traditional hand-on Japanese healing therapy and works on all vibration levels of the body. It can help in a wide range of conditions from specific injuries to more general symptoms of poor health. The treatment is a deeply relaxing experience and regular sessions help to prevent a build up of stress in our lives.

For me, as a shiatsu practitioner, the most important aspect in client care is to see the whole person, support them and give them recommendations so they may learn self-responsibility for their own well-being.


“I have been seeing Doris for a year now and she has helped me to go through my anxiety which was taking over my life. Doris also helped me with period pain problems. Doris is also an amazing lady to talk to and always reassures me. Also, she makes me look at things in life in a more simple way. Doris is talented, humble and very funny!!!!” – Helene

“I have been having treatment with Doris for 2-3 years. She helped me before and during my first pregnancy, keeping me physically and mentally balanced (having had 3 miscarriages over 4 years, this was not always easy). She is extremely competent and has effectively become my holistic GP. I have been very happy with her and I hope she will be able to see me through another pregnancy in the near future!” – Sigrun

60 minutes – £75.00

90 minutes – £100.00

Holistic Massage
60 minutes – £80.00

Holistic Massage
90 minutes – £ 110.00

In 2002, Doris obtained her professional Shiatsu diploma at the British School of Shiatsu-Do and has been practising now for 14 years. Since 2001 she has been a member of the Shiatsu Society UK.

She started her career in healthcare as a paediatric nurse and worked for over 15 years in Germany and London before turning to full-time Shiatsu in London.

She is a qualified Holistic Massage therapist.

Recently she finished her Baby Shiatsu certificate with Karin Kalbanter-Wernicke.

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