Read what our clients have to say about our therapists and treatments:

“I met Ghislaine a long time ago after years of fairly serious back pain. She is the only person I have ever consulted who has been able to provide me with sustained pain relief. She treats her patients holistically with both physical treatments and Bach flower remedies. She is both gentle and encouraging and has a genuine interest and ability to provide her patients with real results.

She has also treated me for Labrynthitis and other more commonplace ailments with great success.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing her expert help.”

Treatment by Ghislaine VaughanGerry Downey

“Having been very incapacitated for a long period of time with C5/6 disc degeneration with a focal prolapse abutting the L6 nerve route I was attending many doctors, a consultant orthopaedic Surgeon, and a consultant in pain medicine all of whom helped me only on a temporary basis. I was very fortunate to be introduced to Ghislaine Vaughan whom after a course of treatments has turned my life around! I no longer require the many conventional drugs I took on a daily basis in order to survive my routine.

The treatment is gentle and relaxing and needless to I am absolutely delighted with the results that have been achieved. I would recommend Ghislaine and the Bowen Therapy to anyone who will listen to me sing their praises! ”

Treatment by Ghislaine VaughanMaddy Henry

After sustaining a back injury, I continued to suffer from severe back pain for 15 years and was barely able to function. Then I met Josie! She quickly analysed what was wrong and devised an intensive rehabilitation programme. I still see Josie for a regular MOT but I am now completely pain free, leading an active life and have even taken up running to keep fit.”

Sports Therapy treated by Josie Mitchell
L. Mcintyre

Leading up to the European Masters Athletics Championships in Poland, I had been struggling with a variety of long term injuries. Within my first visit Josie diagnosed the cause of these injuries and using her experience of dealing with sports athletes set out a rehab programme which treated my injuries but also enabled me to resume my normal training schedule.

Without Josie’s personal commitment to getting me back on the road to recover I do not believe I would have achieved my goal of securing double gold over the 100m and 200m at these Championships. I am forever indebted.”

Sports Therapy treated by Josie Mitchell
W. Macgee

“I was having a persistent problem in my quad, no amount of stretching would alleviate the tightness I was feeling. It was getting worse and worse and my first race of the season was approaching. I was advised to go and see Josie to get treatment for the problem. During my first consultation Josie was able to diagnose my problem, my pelvis was out of line. She assessed my movement and power using a cybex machine and by analysing my walking and running.

After treatment on my back and around my hips and a series of rehab exercises, I was able to resume training immediately and race as planned. I was grateful that Josie was able to diagnose the problem so quickly and assure me that my quad was not injured, allowing me to compete for my university at the British University Championships.” Laura Turner (Great Britain 100m, 4 x 100m)”

Sports Therapy treated by Josie Mitchell

“All I can say is that the Berkeley clinic is fantastic and that I love the family atmosphere. Phytobiophisics has changed my life and I will be forever grateful. I have recommended over 10 people to come to the clinic most of which have already been and also loved it. Carry on like this, I wish you all the best!”

Phytobiophysics therapy, treated by Diana Mossop

“Dear Jonathan,

I’m sorry that I haven’t called you back to arrange to see you again but it has been for a good reason. We are both doing so well that I don’t feel that we need to return to see you. After seeing you, it seemed to take us both a couple of weeks to settle down emotionally but we have both calmed down so much and she has not had one of her anger attacks for over a month now, which is a major step forward.

I am also completely tablet free now, both prescription wise and herbally, which I have not been for 6 years. I can’t remember ever feeling this happy, confident and relaxed about myself and my life. I’ve even started losing weight and looking after myself properly. I hope you don’t mind me writing to you but I didn’t want you to think that I’d forgotten about you and felt it would be rude not to tell you why I wasn’t coming back.

You will never know how much you have helped me get my life back, not only with the treatments you gave me but also by just talking to me, being understanding and listening. I feel very privileged to have met you. I don’t think I told you but you were the first person I have ever trusted entirely in my life. I have now started to trust others which has helped my relationships, especially with my husband . I am so grateful for all that you did to help me and my family.

I don’t think that it will happen, but if I ever feel that I’m sinking again I will be straight on the phone to see you again because I know that you can help me, which nobody has ever done before. I wish I’d met you twenty years ago!! Thank you again. (writers name withheld by request)”

General, treated by Jonathan Le Bon

“Doris is a wonderful Shiatsu therapist. I feel she always listens well and then works on my needed areas. She is incredible at what she does. I’m so happy I have discovered her. I think The Berkeley Clinic is a wonderful clinic, both the reception, management and the therapists. Thank you, you are an excellent team.”

Shiatsu therapy, treated by Doris Block