Think chiropractic is just a way of treating back pain? Then it might be time to think again…

Chiropractic is about communication; the communication between your brain and your body. The body is controlled by the central nervous system and the central nervous system is housed in the spine. This system is the communication network between our brains and our bodies. Any disruption in this network is going to have an affect on the how our internal communication system performs.

So when this system is blocked, we’re going to hinder our body’s ability to function properly. This means we’ll heal slower, we’ll move less freely and when it comes to the brain, we could quite possibly be living our day-to-day lives in a fog we didn’t even know was there.

The nervous system controls every function in every organ of our bodies. This list runs into the thousands but as a starter this would include digestion, attention, balance, posture, breathing, heart rate, hormone production and immune response. The better the brain and the nervous system can function, the better the body will function.

Chiropractic ensures that, through regular adjustments, this communication system is not just operating without blockages but improving all the time. When this is coupled with a lifestyle that includes regular exercise, good nutrition and a healthy dose of mindfulness, the effect is profound.

We currently have two fantastic Chiropractors practicing out of The Berkeley Clinic; Luke.M and Katie.

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