Doc Emma sprinted to the finals

I had the great pleasure of working with a fellow clinician Dr Emma of Chiro London. She is a chiropractor and a keen AFL player. However, Emma was not able to play as she was suffering with right ankle and shin pain. Her symptoms also made it difficult to even walk to the clinic.

After treatment and 6 dedicated running sessions to improve her gait where Dr Emma followed instructions and did her homework and completed specific running drills, she was able to improve her foot strike and sprinting ability. This decreased the incidence of re-injury and Dr Emma was able to play without strapping and also the full game and sprint into the finals in Southwest London where they had a glorious win. What made Dr Emma so happy was that she played without pain.

If you have a race that you have coming up and not sure where to start or if you have pain whilst running please call Josie Mitchell at London Sports Therapy on 07976202766

– Josie Mitchell