Sports massage for swimmers

Swimming is well known for its low impact total body workout, as you’re suspended in the water whilst your arms and legs kick and propel you through the water… So what’s the big issue?

When you regularly swim continuous laps, routines, or games in the water, low impact can quickly turn into high stress and strain, especially if you don’t take time out to rest and recover between workouts.

In each stroke that you take, many muscles are involved in the motion as you elevate, extend and lift your arms through the water, whilst kicking at the same time. Whether your favourite stroke is butterfly or freestyle, backstroke or breaststroke, all strokes work the upper back muscles and shoulders, constantly in a repetitive action. This constant repetitive movement during all four strokes can cause pain, discomfort, and the development of muscular knots.

Sports massage and remedial massage can improve the quality of tissue, meaning less tension, less pain, less stiffness, more function, better performance and maybe even… a better quality of life!

Hannah Green
Massage Therapist and Chiropractic Student